30 Positive Ways to Feel Like an Adult

This past weekend I spent some time at the Starbucks Reserve on Legacy West. While enjoying gourmet sips on a patio (it was rare patio weather in Texas, YAS) and listening to jazz music from a nearby restaurant, I felt I was living my best adult life at the moment. As I walked by the Tesla boutique (I don’t want to call it a dealership. Bear with my quirks.), I felt like I was brimming with adult potential. Feeling a functioning adult is a great feeling, and I want you to feel it too, which is why I made this handy list.

  1. Make your bed, for kicks. (If you’re the 1% that does it regularly, kudos for you.)
  2. Check in on your 401k. 
  3. Read a self empowerment book. (I recommend You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero.)
  4. Practice learning a new language. (I use Duolingo.)
  5. Plan out your week with whatever planning system you like. (May I suggest bullet journal  ing?)
  6. Clean all the water bottles out of your room.
  7. Eat a salad.
  8. Dabble in investing. (I use Stash for fractional stock investing. Get $5 with sign up.)
  9. Buy a $15+ bottle of wine. 
  10. Declutter something.
  11. Clean out your closet for the fall.
  12. Write a letter to a friend.
  13. Get up on the first alarm. 
  14. Meditate. (I recommend self-compassionate mediation techniques.)
  15. Use journaling as a method of self reflection and goal progression.
  16. Make a DIY decoration for your home or office.
  17. Host a group event at your home.
  18. Get into a TED Talk click hole.
  19. Get into a Wikipedia click hole.
  20. Watch a documentary.
  21. Enjoy a meal out by yourself. 
  22. Plan a weekend trip, by yourself or friends.
  23. Volunteer for a cause you love.
  24. Finish a project. 
  25. Learn about a time in history.
  26. Discover an educational podcast. (How Things Are Made is great!)
  27. Do a happy “I’m an adult” dance when you pay a bill.
  28. Organize something. (Because decluttering and organizing seems like two different things in my head.)
  29. Teach someone how to do something you enjoy.
  30. Buy a plant and not kill it, maybe. (May I suggest an ivy? Just needs sun and water.)

Those are some of my feel-good ways to gain peak adulting juju. What are some of your favorite ways to feel like a functional adult? Share in the comments!


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  • I love this list! I’m going to try #8 and #18

    • SheBeKnowin

      Yay! Have you watched Chimamanda Adichie’s TED talk? There’s an amazing playlist about feminism on the TED talk website.

      Thanks for stopping by!