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5 Ways to Raise Funds for Jayoncé Concert Tickets

Disclaimer: If you sell any of the products below, don’t get mad…get glad! Share your referral codes and maybe we can go halfsies on the bonuses. Or whatever. Now, shall we?


If you’ve been under a rock, Complex magazine announced that Beyoncé and Jay-Z will be touring together this summer. If you are anything like me, that tax refund has come and gone and you weren’t as diligent in donating to your “Just In Case Beyoncé Wanna Come Through” fund as you planned to be. So now, it’s fundraising time. Because, priorities. We ain’t got tahm for our money to be looking funny.  I am already in the midst of planning my own fundraiser Fish Fry. For $20, you can two pieces of pan trout, a slice of the finest Wonder bread, and a pop. Do it for the kid. Here are some more ideas for fundraisers.


1. Herbalife/Body Wraps/Fitness Stuff

People are looking to get fit for the summer, and you can help them. Get ready, this is a full time Instagram commitment. You might have time for the occasional #tbt…but that might even have to be a fitness-themed before and after influenced by your new lifestyle. Take lots of pictures of your untanned stomach. We will all enjoy it. Promise.

2. Mary Kay

Ugly women exist year-round so this could be a great income generator for years to come. You get to even call yourself a MUA on social media. Or so I’ve heard.

3. Slanging Dope*

*The writers at She Be Knowin do not condone the illegal distribution of mind altering substances.

4. Bake Sales

If you can’t bake you can just stop by the store like some of my line sisters used to. The key is to have pretty people selling good to mediocre treats. You didn’t hear it from me though.

5. Bounty Hunting

Worked great for Katherine Heigl. And what works for KH is LAW.  If you haven’t watched the movie, watch it NOW. And then proceed to get that money.



 Other suggestions could be prayer requests and birthday lists. Any other ideas on raising money to see the Carters?




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