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50 Ways to Enjoy Your Breakup

50 Ways to Enjoy a Breakup

Okay. I’m going to be a hundred percent real with y’all. I invited my boyfriend (at the time) to a milkshake date at Sonic and ended up with upset stomach (I’m undeniably lactose intolerant) and a broken heart. I’m not 100% sure how we went from Sonic blast to blasting our relationship, but alas, here I am, picking up the pieces and remembering to do all the “fun” stuff I couldn’t do when I was taken.

50 Ways to Enjoy Your Breakup

Whether you opened this post because you love me or because you’re going through a breakup yourself, I’ve compiled a hopefully entertaining list of things to do to enjoy your breakup. Enjoy. 


  1. Watch the shows he never liked to watch with you.
  2. Catch up with friends at the bar, one at a time. (Literally, that’s a multitude of bar nights if you arrange it right.)
  3. Head to the gym and work on that “eat your heart out” body. (Plus, swimsuit season is coming. Someone else will, if he doesn’t.)
  4. Slide into someone’s DMs. (You’ve been wistfully staring at that DM button for months. Just say hi.)
  5. Plan weekend events with the #singlefrands. They’ve been missing you and are ready to party again.
  6. Resolve to try a new experience. 
  7. Write down all the things about him that you didn’t like and remind yourself to never deal with that again.
  8. Buy the girliest thing for your home. Because you will not be decorating for two anytime soon.
  9. Buy good, new underwear. That he’ll never get to see.
  10. Have a sleepover with the girls.
  11. Pamper yourself! Whether it’s a mani/pedi or a massage.
  12. Take a kickboxing class and tape his photo to the bag. (They just might let you!)
  13. Plan a vacation. Whether by yourself or with the girls. Get out of town! 
  14. Send bitter relationship memes to your friends. Note: You see I didn’t say post on social media. Nobody needs to know you’re going through anything. Unless if you’re just a masochist like me and blog about it.
  15. Learn something new. Doesn’t matter. A new language, a new core dish, a new yoga move. 
  16. Binge watch a new show. (I’ve been on a Parks and Rec kick as of late. Leslie Knope = me.)
  17. Back to the learning something new part, did you know you could learn how to code for free on Code Academy?! Girls who code are soooo cool. 
  18. Your time is better spent helping the less fortunate than emotional ordering Domino’s on a weekly basis. 
  19. Read a book. And if you need suggestions, check out my Feel Good Books for Black Girls post. 
  20. Buy a new lipstick. Like I just bought two Colourpop lippies this week.
  21. Hell, get some makeup in general.
  22. And maybe a wig too.
  23. Watch Dreamgirls. Sing the entire It’s All Over – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going medley.
  24. Try a new drink. Or craft beer. Maybe it’s because I’m drinking that now. Don’t mind me.
  25. Plan an event. My birthday is in 110 days, but I already have a plan. I’m actually celebrating my real age. So excite.
  26. Painting with a twist. It’s really fun. And if you don’t have a nearby location that does that, just drunk paint by yourself. Canvases are cheap. You can throw it away tomorrow.
  27. Sleep in the middle of the bed. (I don’t know why this isn’t number 1 on the list, tbh.)
  28. Make a playlist. Maybe Beyonce’s bitter songs. Maybe happy songs. Something you enjoy. Forrealz.
  29. Read the Dating Manifesto plan on the YouVersion bible app. It’s not condescending but gives you lots to consider.
  30. Entertain yourself on Very Smart Brothas. They literally crack me up every time I get on their website.
  31. Go bowling. And if you suck like me, make sure they put the rails up for you. Because you’re paying good money and you deserve a fighting chance.
  32. Buy some new shoes. Because, shoes.
  33. Try a new craft. Or just upload a lot to your Pinterest account with hopes that you might do them one day. Literally, I get the same gratification from both activities.
  34. Try a new recipe. And see the above comment.
  35. Go to bed whenever you want. 
  36. Do a weird squat challenge. It might not be fun at first, but that booty will be right in the meantime.
  37. @ your favorite celebrity on Twitter/Insta to let them know you’re single, if they were wondering.
  38. Go see a movie by yourself if no one else is interested. 
  39. No further explanation.
  40. I tried to softly suggest Parks and Rec earlier, but now I’m telling you….watch Parks and Rec. It’s great watching.
  41. Try a new nail polish color. 
  42. Openly approach a gym hottie (with less body fat percentage than him, ha!)
  43. Record a mixtape. Or at least think about it really hard. I’ll probably do the latter.
  44. Pay Starbucks a visit. However much you want. 
  45. Lose an entire Saturday playing The Sims. 
  46. Sage/cleanse/clean your apartment. 
  47. Buy flowers for yourself, weekly. 
  48. Adopt a pet…. Or a plant. If you have a black thumb like me….lucky bamboo. 
  49. Join a book club. 
  50. Make up your own breakup bucket list….then do that sh*t


May your days be less tearful and more funful. Share with your fellow single friends.


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  • Yes to this entire list!!! During my last breakup, my favorite thing to do is sit in silence knowing I didn’t have to listen to DUDE OPINIONS 24/7/365 like I used to!! LOL

    • SheBeKnowin

      Lol. That’s a great one! I didn’t even think of that.

  • #37 is funny. I’ll try that one day

    • SheBeKnowin

      I tweeted Jidenna. He ignored me like always. Let me know if yours works! lol

  • Yup I agree that 27 should be Number 1. Nice list 🙂

    • SheBeKnowin

      Thanks! It’s one of my favorite things to do. 🙂

  • Girl Get It

    This list for a breakup or just for single life in general!

    • SheBeKnowin

      True! I plan on revisiting this list for a while for a most enjoyable single life.

  • Darlene Jackson

    I love this. I’m married, but I just sent this to a good judy of mine… great list!