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She Be Knowin is a Dallas millennial lifestyle blog. Our mission is to equip millennial women with the knowledge and tools to live their best young adult lives. Here, you will find a variety of topics covering Lifestyle, Adulting and Dallas finds to keep you in the know.

About AdeDoyin Adebiyi

I like to call myself a Nigerian Southern belle. I am a first generation Nigerian-American that was born and raised in Mississippi. I’ve lived in Dallas for 6 years (and counting) and Tex-Mex is officially one of my love languages. During the day, I am a Social Advertising Marketing Expert, using my creativity and digital strategic know-how for good and not evil. In addition to digital media, my main passions are as follows (in no particular order): Beyonc√©, brunch, Harry Potter, crafting and Netflix/Hulu binges. I am also a HUGE football fan, with my love going first to Mississippi State University and second to Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. If you ever bring up any of these subjects, we will instantly become best friends.

Want to collaborate?

As someone who has worked on the agency side of advertising, I enjoy creating a unique spin when working with brands that is beneficial to both my readers and the companies. Want to collaborate? Feel free to drop me a note!