A Nigerian Southern belle, I eat my pork rinds with my pinky raised.

Vitals: 26, Dallas, TX, Digital Media Specialist

What I Bring to the Blog: Sheer madness and randomness. I also created the blog.

7 Random Things About Me

1. 7 is my favorite number. (And my line number)

2. I’ve been natural since 2008. Except for that brief stint when I thought I wanted perms again. Now I have dreads. I consider cutting them every other day.

3. I love Netflix. Binge watching TV shows = love.

4. I was in band for 10 years. I miss it a lot.

5. I really want to write a book someday.

6. I am a self proclaimed member of the Ravenclaw house.

7. I have a ridiculous love for hotdogs.

Me in a Word: Vivacious.


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