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    Tips For Navigating the Holidays From a Place of Grief

    Last year, I lost my dad in October. Among many things, this meant I would very quickly approach two major holidays without his presence. Naturally, I am absolutely gung-ho about every holiday there is (partially because delusions of grandeur, but alas) and so I quickly found myself in a weird space where I wanted to welcome holidays but knew it came with a certain level of sadness as I faced my first holidays in 28 years without my family’s patriarch. 

  • Lifestyle

    What To Do About Your Friend That Hates Bey

    As one of my fave Facebook comedians Trey Moe says, a Beyoncé fan is never safe for a timeline full of haters. And for what reason? I’m not really even sure. i don’t think they love themselves, but that’s probably another blog for another day. When I wrote my previous primer on how to navigate the betrayal of significant others that don’t recognize an icon in their midst, I knew a sequel would be necessary.

  • Dallas

    Delicious Dallas Tex Mex Joints for Taco Day (And Any Day)

    Happy National Taco Day! October 4th is one of my favorite holidays, and living in Texas is the best place to celebrate it. As your friendly neighborhood person, i have toiled long and traveled wide to eat tacos research tacos for you. If you’re in the taco mood, check out one of these places! These are not in a particular order. I’m sharing what I like but you can’t go wrong with any one of these places.

  • Adulting

    30 Positive Ways to Feel Like an Adult

    This past weekend I spent some time at the Starbucks Reserve on Legacy West. While enjoying gourmet sips on a patio (it was rare patio weather in Texas, YAS) and listening to jazz music from a nearby restaurant, I felt I was living my best adult life at the moment. As I walked by the Tesla boutique (I don’t want to call it a dealership. Bear with my quirks.), I felt like I was brimming with adult potential. Feeling a functioning adult is a great feeling, and I want you to feel it too, which is why I made this handy list.