What to Do If #Bae Doesn’t Like Beyoncé

Though my stan levels are regularly high when it comes to the Queen, they are particularly elevated due to her overall slay in the 2016 VMAs as well as her upcoming birthday. I’ve come to notice when there are times like these when the love for Bey is more concentrated in the air than pollen count in Mississippi, the nay-sayers come in full force. I can typically ignore (and sometimes block/filter/mute) the bitter quips of friends, acquaintances, even family, but I find it particularly disturbing when a bae or bae prospect appears to be part of this crowd. Like, how can you love me and despise such a huge part of me? It seems unconscionable. And I personally am making it a mission to weed out these unbelievers early on through my screening process. (See question 4 – On a scale from 1 to 10, how much can you tolerate my love for Beyoncé?)

So, friends, I understand being in such a conundrum. Bae got it going on, but he has an inexcusable dislike for one of the world’s greatest present day icons. Kind of makes you want to question his other judgements? Girl, I get it. But I am here with some suggestions to alleviate your difficult situation.

What to Do if Bae Doesn't Like Beyoncé | She Be Knowin

Disclaimer: I’m that single friend with a whole lot of opinions but also a whole lot of empty inbox. Take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Or even better, ignore my suggestions and just share and laugh with your friends.

Get rid of him.

Well, first decide if you think that he is worth the long-term commitment. This is the most drastic option, but if he says crazy stuff like, “Beyoncé can’t sing” and “Ciara can sing circles around her” his judgement is not good and you need to quit that fast. Save yourself many, many arguments and subtweets and disappointment in the future.

Pull Hot Sauce out of your bag.

Whether it’s Louisiana’s or the bat. Now keep in mind, I’m not condoning violence for blog legality purposes. Nothing wrong with putting a little fear of the Hive in him, though.

Try to find out why he doesn’t like her.

Sometimes people confuse their dislike of Beyoncé with the dislike of raging fans (like me). Maybe he secretly jams to Party when no one is looking. Maybe the relationship can be somewhat salvageable. Maybe.

Find out his Beyhive tolerance number.

Or simply ask how much he can tolerate your love for Beyoncé (as I do in my screening process. I also ask about Jesus and Harry Potter.) If he says a 6 or 7 just know he’s gonna roll his eyes every time Beyoncé mentions a tour, and he might not offer to help pay your Beyoncé bill. It’s okay because you BEEN an independent woman and one monkey ain’t gone stop your show.

Employ science-backed tactics.

Play a Beyoncé song while fixing his favorite meal, every single time. He will be drooling to Dance for You or Formation in no time. Worked for Pavlov and his dogs, at least.

Establish expectations.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve tried everything from hypnotism to voodoo sane conversation and he is just not a fan. At least let him know that your space is a “Beyoncé slander free” zone and you will not take too kindly to it. At the very least, he should respect your love for Beyoncé and her sheer genius and mastery of music and the art of performance. If he can’t say nothing nice, nothing at all will do.

Ignore me and keep on keeping on.

Tbh, it all goes back to the 80/20 rule. I guess if he’s making you crazy happy, that’s just gonna be a weird thing about him. And he’ll just have to stay mad when you have AUX cord control. And remember, single friend. Lots of opinions. Don’t mind me.

Sadly, 1 in 4 men suffer from notrecognizingbeysgreatness dystopia*. Luckily, with these suggestions, you’re on the way to curing him or learning to live with it or just learning to leave it. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to share with your other Beyhive friends. Reach one, teach one is my motto.


*Totally made up disease with made up statistic.

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