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Birthday Fashion with Curvy Girls Word

So, Friday, June 27 was my birthday and it was quite a blast! For those who care and/or might be familiar with Dallas, it included a (heavy) lunch at Babe’s Chicken diner, a trendy dinner at Urban Taco in Uptown and night out on the town at Soda Bar (rooftop of NYLO Southside hotel).

Now, I was faced with a conundrum when it came to fashion choices for the night. I knew lunch a Babe’s would surely produce a food baby. I mean, check out this platter of chicken from our lunch! (No worries, that wasn’t all mine. They serve family style, so that was chicken to feed 13-14 people.) I definitely needed something that wasn’t extremely tight.

Birthday lunch at Babe's Chicken


Enter my fave fashion blog, Curvy Girls Word. The writer, Christian, is a great friend and sorority sister of mine to I sent her a text asking for creative inspiration for my outfit. I had a particular crop top I got a few months ago from Forever 21 (Currently on sale for $5 here). Does the girls a lot of good, and has a pretty lace back. Being the angel she is, she sent me a variety of looks to choose from.



I LOVED the look with the pants so on Friday, it was off to the stores we go.

I found these printed pants at A’gaci store for $21.50. Pairing with clothes, shoes and accessories I already had, this completed the birthday look.


Special thanks to Christian for the fashion help! Be sure to check out her website or Facebook page for more cute looks.


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  • Looking good. Really pleased to see you had a merry wombversary as well.