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    Tips For Navigating the Holidays From a Place of Grief

    Last year, I lost my dad in October. Among many things, this meant I would very quickly approach two major holidays without his presence. Naturally, I am absolutely gung-ho about every holiday there is (partially because delusions of grandeur, but alas) and so I quickly found myself in a weird space where I wanted to welcome holidays but knew it came with a certain level of sadness as I faced my first holidays in 28 years without my family’s patriarch. 

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    30 Positive Ways to Feel Like an Adult

    This past weekend I spent some time at the Starbucks Reserve on Legacy West. While enjoying gourmet sips on a patio (it was rare patio weather in Texas, YAS) and listening to jazz music from a nearby restaurant, I felt I was living my best adult life at the moment. As I walked by the Tesla boutique (I don’t want to call it a dealership. Bear with my quirks.), I felt like I was brimming with adult potential. Feeling a functioning adult is a great feeling, and I want you to feel it too, which is why I made this handy list.

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    Pro Tips on Bullet Journaling

    Since I wrote my primer on bullet journaling over a year ago, I’ve been approached by many friends who were interested in bullet journaling but a little afraid of the bullet journals they saw on Insta or Youtube. First, I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. I am super creative and even I get overwhelmed by the intricate things people draw and stamp on their journals. While it’s very cute, I suggest you start small and build so you create a sustainable habit instead of another random pile of half filled notebooks (looking at me lol).