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    What To Do About Your Friend That Hates Bey

    As one of my fave Facebook comedians Trey Moe says, a Beyoncé fan is never safe for a timeline full of haters. And for what reason? I’m not really even sure. i don’t think they love themselves, but that’s probably another blog for another day. When I wrote my previous primer on how to navigate the betrayal of significant others that don’t recognize an icon in their midst, I knew a sequel would be necessary.

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    I Ate Mostly Vegan for 4 Weeks (And Here’s What Happened)

    I often said, no one could make me eat veganly, not even my beloved Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter. It turns out I was wrong. Apparently, my little sister can nicely challenge me to eat plant based for about 30 days and I’ll oblige if I happen to be in the mood. It also helps that she gave me a short time frame unlike militant PETA vegans that demand I repent from my bacon ways and eat a leaf. Whichever way, I am here to tell you that I ate my vegetables for 30ish days and I feel great.

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    Smart Apartment Living with Hive

    Now if anyone has been around me for longer than 45 seconds, they would know that I am a card carrying vigilante member of the BeyHive. Much to your delight, or chagrin, this post is not about Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. As a Hive brand ambassador, I was given their smart home products to review. All opinions and awful dad jokes are my own.

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    5 Brown Vegan Bloggers You Should Check Out

    As the popularity of What the Health rises, I’ve seen a lot of my friends on social media discussing their desire to stop eating meat. I personally didn’t watch, because I prefer using my valuable online TV watching hours watching Suits, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and The Incredible Jessica James. However, my younger sister challenged me to going plant based for 30 days and i thought, "why not? I need to eat some veggies anyways.” So here I am, vacillating between vegan and vegetarian meals but not committed enough to the lifestyle to call myself either.