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    10 things I loved about the Bachelorette premier

    I didn’t watch the premiere live, because I can’t be tied rigid things like television schedules. But I did rent the episode on iTunes to watch during my flight and I’m here to finally share my insights about The Bachelorette. As the first African American headlines the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, I am so excited to tune back in since the days of Ryan and Tristen when I used to watch with my mom. And I love Rachel even more because she is a Dallas resident. So this show involves a lot of love, but I’ve toned it down to 10 reasons for now. 

  • Lifestyle

    A Seat at the Salon

    Despite spending an estimated 7.5 billion dollars annually on beauty products, and even paying remarkably more than our counterparts on cosmetic and skin care items, African American women are constantly being left out of the conversation and illustration when it comes to beauty and hair products. Part of the reason we even have to spend more is because the average beauty aisle item is not made with us in mind and even if they say they are, we often shell out money only to realize it doesn’t work for our skin, our hair, or our beings in general.

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    Happy Hamilton Mixtape Day!

    Okay, so it’s no secret that I love Hamilton, the musical. And before you ask, no I haven’t seen Hamilton the musical. But I’ve listened to the soundtrack more than I can publicly would like to admit. So today was one of the more glorious days of 2016. Today was the release of The Hamilton Mixtape.