Circumstances In Which You Can Contact Me During Scandal


Before Scandal season begins, I think I should clear up a few things. I have previously said do not contact me from 9-10:30pm CST on Thursday evenings when Scandal is on (and 30 minutes for post Shonda edge growth). That’s a bit harsh. I understand there might be dire circumstances that cannot wait. So here is an unabridged list of circumstances in which you can contact me during Scandal.

1. Death or an equally emergent situation regarding your health. Though, I’m sure 911 can help you far more than I can. But if you are in such a situation, you get the Call-A-Friend pass during Scandal.

2. Suicidal thoughts. If you feel you cannot live life one second past 10:30, call me. I’ll conference call the suicide hotline or pray with you during commercial breaks.

3. Beyoncé sighting. If you see Beyoncé  in Dallas, you can call me at any time ever.

That’s it. And try not to have any of these things happen during Scandal. Thanks!

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