What To Do About Your Friend That Hates Bey

As one of my fave Facebook comedians Trey Moe says, a Beyoncé fan is never safe for a timeline full of haters. And for what reason? I’m not really even sure. i don’t think they love themselves, but that’s probably another blog for another day. When I wrote my previous primer on how to navigate the betrayal of significant others that don’t recognize an icon in their midst, I knew a sequel would be necessary.

There are friends that roll their eyes when you mention Beyoncé every day for a smooth 200-day streak. There are friends that SMH when you begin to wax poetic about how Beyoncé innovates with every single album and you just don’t understand what it’s going to take to get Album of the Year at the Grammy’s. There are even friends that don’t fault Beyoncé, but eternally side eye the devotion of the Hive, which I get to some extent because we high key and low key be doing the most sometimes.

These friends are okay. We all have preferences and they prefer to miss out on the blissful experience of being a Beyoncé fan, but that’s okay. 

I’m talking about the person that can’t wait to deliver some unwarranted shade any time they see, smell, hear, taste or feel the essence of anything connected to Beyoncé. These are the people that say she doesn’t have talent, she’s reaching for relevance and make stupid assertions like Beyoncé is money hungry for doing the Superbowl years back when her husband refused to perform in the 2018 bowl. (I actually saw this. And it’s stupid. It was a different time.) But before I begin to drop these morsels of wisdom, let me share my disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I be knowin but I’m also kinda unhinged. Please take my advice with a grain of salt and cup of common sense, or better yet, just laugh and share with your friends.


First, Decide What Kind of Friend They Are.

I once read on a meme somewhere that your differing relationships in life is like a tree. Some are like a root, and are in for the long haul. Some are like branches, and they might stay for a long time but something intense could cause their presence to cease in your life. Some are like  leaves, often good for you for a season but won’t be around for very long. Understanding what kind of relationship you have with your friend will help you better decide what course to take.

Root Friend Tip

Sometimes, you just need to agree to disagree. Let them know you understand that they feel how they feel, but also set boundaries. Because what they won’t do is think they can drag my fave at any every turn. You love this person, and they are your people, so figuring a way to avoid this point of contention.

Try to Find Out Why They Don’t Love Themselves.

Is it really because they don’t like the Hive? That’s fine. That’s got nothing to do with Beyoncé. But it cannot be successfully argued that she’s not talented and business-saavvy. 

Unfollow. Unfriend. 

If you mostly see the unwarranted shade on social media, the solution if so simple. I love Facebook simply because you can unfollow someone but have access to their page for being nosy whenever you need. If they are a leaf and have been getting on your last nerve for a while, consider the overall benefit of their social media presence in your life and unfriend, unfriend, unfriend. Reflect and release them.

That’s all I have for now, and I hope you’re on your way to a more peaceful existence as Beyoncé fan. Namaste and whatnot. Enjoy!

Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash


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  • SAY THIS FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!!! They don’t love themselves. Period. Point blank.

    This is brilliant. I’m sharing because I have nothing else to add.