• Feeling Yourself: A Primer on Self Compassion
    29th Crisis Adulting

    Feeling Yourself: A Primer on Self-Compassion

    At the end of last month, I turned 29. Right before, I began a period of self reflection where I mentally mapped what I felt was lacking and viable paths to help me absolve these problem areas. Spoiler alert, there are a lot and I regularly oscillate between feeling defeated by shortcomings and being hopeful that I am able to transcend beyond them. So much so that I made a mantra/affirmation that stands to be my lifesaver in the choppy waters of my feelings. I regularly have to say this, and I welcome you to borrow it if you need it too.

  • 29th Crisis Adulting

    Introducing A New Series: The 29th Crisis

    As my friends and I near the ages of 29 and 30, I noticed some common themes in our retrospections and worries. First, this aging thing snuck up on us fast. Weren’t we just graduating college and worrying about getting jobs in a horrible recession? And now, with each day I near the departing of my twenties and I wonder what have I learned in this fleeting time. Which brings me to the second big theme. We’re searching for one more meaningful achievement to deem our 20s successful. For one friend, she was considering entering a fitness competition. Another was trying to reach a savings goal. And of course, we’ve all heard the people that want to lose X amount of pounds before they enter 30. I myself have even said that I would like to lose 30 before 30. We have seen successes such as graduating from college (twice from me), moving out on our own, getting our first jobs, making career moves. But as the end nears, we just want to set and reach just one more sizable goal in order to feel confident as a fledgling adult. This is a complete sidebar, but it’s kind of like when your Sims kid is nearing a birthday, so you have to make sure all their meters are full so they can advance into the next age with the best potential. Finally, we see the rest of the world hitting mainstream adulting goals and wonder when our time will come. We’re at that age. Our friends are getting married, having babies, buying homes, moving for jobs and the monster called comparison is live and well under our beds. 

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    10 things I loved about the Bachelorette premier

    I didn’t watch the premiere live, because I can’t be tied rigid things like television schedules. But I did rent the episode on iTunes to watch during my flight and I’m here to finally share my insights about The Bachelorette. As the first African American headlines the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, I am so excited to tune back in since the days of Ryan and Tristen when I used to watch with my mom. And I love Rachel even more because she is a Dallas resident. So this show involves a lot of love, but I’ve toned it down to 10 reasons for now. 

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    A Seat at the Salon

    Despite spending an estimated 7.5 billion dollars annually on beauty products, and even paying remarkably more than our counterparts on cosmetic and skin care items, African American women are constantly being left out of the conversation and illustration when it comes to beauty and hair products. Part of the reason we even have to spend more is because the average beauty aisle item is not made with us in mind and even if they say they are, we often shell out money only to realize it doesn’t work for our skin, our hair, or our beings in general.