Wrapping Up 2016, A Semi-Introspective Post

So, my dear blogger friend Cicely Renee at Bougie Black Blogger wrote a blog post where she reflected on 2016, triumphs and pitfalls and plans for 2017. I was inspired by her to write this post. So here we go.

2016 will be forever clouded by the fact that I lost my father on October 8th. 2016 will forever be the trash year, the WTF year, the yeen gotta be like that year…and other rude comments that might come to mind. 

Aside from that, I was broken up with in a relationship where I mostly did everything right, but at the end of the day, it just wasn’t the right time for us to be.  And I put a lot of trust and hope in a situation that I deep down knew wasn’t for me. 

I lost a major freelance gig but then picked up smaller ones along the way. Not quite what I used to make, but any relief is great in this struggle bus called adult millennial life.


I made some great friends this year. In the blogosphere, I’ve connected with so many crazy bright creative minds. People that help me build off of their creativity and support.

My love for my family and friends was renewed during the hardest time of my life. Like, I will be forever grateful for the people who took time from their busy lives to be a shoulder to cry on, to check on me and pray for me when I felt I didn’t have it in me to pray for myself. 

I’ve purchased a houseplant and it’s doing pretty well. I am now a proud owner of two plants. There will soon be a blog post about millennial proof plants.

I got to see Beyoncé in concert. And my sister paid for it. Without me even asking. Get you a sister like mine. They are dope.

I got to see Adele in concert. With floor seats. Right by center stage. She even waved at me.

I got to be in my very first wedding. I don’t desire to be a bridesmaid for many, but I was so happy to be a part of my sweet work bestie Brittany’s special day. Even if I was crying most of the wedding.

I reconnected with my OG bestie (since 1988) through my dad’s passing. So cool to be friends with someone also named Doyin. 

I celebrated 5 years in Texas. With a photoshoot and tacos, of course.


I am getting ready to open my own apparel store, Wine Meats Yonce. (You can actually sign up at for updates pleaseandthankyou.)

I have a really great idea for an event. Just gotta stop being a wiener and go forth.

I’m semi-hopeful that 2017 will be less trash than 2016 was. I look forward to loving my family and friends as hard as I can, while I can. I look forward to the Cowboys going to the Super Bowl with my dear, sweet Dakota Prescott. I’m still working on my vision and goals for 2017, so that will also be another post.

 But in the meantime, how was your 2016? What sucked, but didn’t suck and what will you be looking forward to? Let me know in the comments, I actually want to know.

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  • This was so well written and beautiful. I send you e hugs for your father and shots of tequila for the breakup and donuts for the clients. 2017 will be the ish!