How to Prepare Your Body & Mind for Insecure Season 2

    Insecure Season 2 returns Sunday, July 23 and I cannot WAIT. Ah, the glorious think-pieces, the lively #TeamLawrence versus #TeamIssa debates on Twitter, BLACK TV FAMILY TIME ON TWITTER….it’s going to be great.

    And if you can’t tell, I am super stoked. In fact, I am going through a weeklong Insecure ritual to prepare me for Season 2. Want to follow along? Here’s how it goes.

    Watch the trailer for Insecure Season 2 again (and maybe again and again.)

    I typically don’t watch trailers. It just gets me hype for something I’ll have to wait for. I broke my policy on that because my desire to see was stronger than my desire to keep my impatience at bay, and I had no regrets. I just can’t wait omg.

    Catch up on InsecuriTea, a podcast about Insecure by Crissles and Fran.

    I am a very distracted TV show watcher, so I heavily depend on podcasts to point out things I don’t notice. Crissles and Fran bring up a lot of views that I’d never think of, though I think they need an emotional friend (read: me) that can speak to the plight of Molly as a love/marriage-obsessed career woman who is also beautiful and Nigerian and AKA. 


    Read some great recaps about Insecure.

    There’s this one and this one by Luvvie. There’s also this interesting view on being Team Issa from Jozen Cummings. I only support Issa-positive articles, if you were wondering.

    Of course, watch Season 1 again.

    No HBO? No problem. You can binge watch the whole season on YouTube or HBO for 24 hours, starting at 6am ET on July 23. 

    If you’re a slow binger like me, you could also start your free month of HBO Go now. In theory, you should only have to pay for a month or two to catch the whole season. So you might as well start a little early. Ijs.

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    Visit your local adult beverage store.

    We’ll need to imbibe for premiere night, right?

    via GIPHY

    Send a group text to see who you can voluntell to throw a watch party.

    Preferably somebody with a real cable package so you can watch, tweet and enjoy what Issa has in store for us. You’ll bring the drinks. Or at least for you. If you need a sample text, I have taken the liberty to draft one for you.

    Dear [Friend X].

    The Good Book says to whom much is given, much is required. Given that you have good cable AKA live access to HBO, you are required to host me July 23 for the Insecure premiere.


    [Your name]

    P.S. What wine do you want?

    That’s all I have! What are you doing to prepare your heart, body and mind for Insecure Season 2?

    Also casually dropping this picture of me and Issa from a few years ago. She’s my best friend in my head. Hashtag humble brag.

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